September 16th, 2005 by zorfling

Well! I’ve done it. I am now across the other side of the world, northern hemisphere! CRAZY!!!! 

This email from Singapore sums it up nicely: 

Hi All,
Just a quick note to let you know I made it safely to Singapore. 
Almost missed my flight due to my slackness and not being ready in time. 
But never fear, I made it there with a few moments to spare.

The flight was excellent. They just kept bringing drinks (orange juice all the way mmmm) and the food was quite good. Chicken with tomato and olive sauce. Yum! 

With a Magnum Mini for dessert!

Playing on the free internet now at Singapore airport and talking to my bro on MSN. Little Amy was on earlier with me also! Thanks guys! Appreciate the company!

I’m getting very tired since I’ve been up since 6am and only got 4 hours sleep last night (again, I’m a slacker).

But all in all, apart from some craziness this morning (I was stressing badly), I’m travelling well and am very excited.

Might try get some sleep on the next plane (11 hours) at 3am (QLD time) so that i can wake up fresh for 7:20am Friday in Athens! (2:20pm QLD)

Then who knows what the future holds! I have no idea, and I love it!

Yep, after almost missing the flight from Brissie (geez I’m slack), the Bris to Singapore leg went off without a hitch.

4 hours at Singapore, I discovered that I love travelators (the moving walkways) cos I can walk twice as fast, I bought some lollies at seven eleven! And I talked to Dave and Lizzie!

Singapore to Athens, also no problems! I had someone sitting right next to me for this leg unfortunately so it was a bit more crowded, but nothing too bad. Managed to sleep the first 5 hours or so. Woke up in time for supper (most important!) and then started playing with the games again. Learnt a few languages (well tried to anyway 😉 ) and watched Spanglish for a few tips in case my linguistic skills didn’t hold once I got off the plane. (they didn’t! :p)

So landed in Athens and after a few confused moments, found my luggage and my way out to meet up with Beth! Really good, and a little surreal to see her again in person!

Unfortunately it was rainy but we headed off and jumped on the train back to Monestiraki(?) to get Beth’s stuff and then after a couple of crazy taxi rides (and 45 minutes trying to find a cab that would take us) into the city to send some of Beth’s stuff off, we managed to get to the bus station and onto a bus up to Delphi.

More soon!

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