February 18th, 2009 by zorfling

Temple of Mithras, London

Yesterday I headed up to check out the ruins of the Roman Temple of Mithras here in London. What…what…WHAT you ask? There are still roman ruins in London? Yep! And within walking distance of my work, so for a lunch time wander, I headed up to check it out.

I first heard of the temple in Edward Rutherfurd‘s novel, London, an historically accurate reimagining of the history of London, from the very first settlers, right through to present day.

My dad, who’s also reading the book, noticed that the temple ruins were still preserved in (almost) their original position. So yesterday, during my lunch hour, I took the 20 minute stroll up to check it out.

Note the red tiles notable of Roman walls

The ruins are situated just up the road from Cannon Street station on Great Queen St. I say almost their original position because when they were discovered in 1954 on the banks of the now covered river Walbrook (and on the present day street by the same name), however they were moved around the corner to their present position, much
higher to allow them to be seen.

There is some talk that this year, they will move the ruins back to their original position, as the building that necessitated their removal is being demolished, and the ruins are being included in the design of the new Walbrook Square development.

Today, Temple Church, as made famous by the Da Vinci Code!

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