November 24th, 2008 by zorfling

So, Autumn has pretty much come and gone since my last post. Being my last Autumn in England, I’ve become quite excited by the deciduous trees, and have been taking heaps of photos for Dad as he asked me last year and I had to admit I hadn’t even noticed. So here’s a pic for Dad. More over on my Picasaweb.

From Life in London – November 2008

But Autumn’s over, on with Winter! Yesterday morning it snowed! This is most exciting as again, this will be my last Winter here in England.

So the concept of snow has regained its glory as I remember that, NEVER does it snow back home, so I should be enjoying this!

Unfortunately it was pretty piss weak snow, so didn’t settle on the ground, but nevertheless, snow it was!

From Life in London – November 2008

I’m also looking forward to my last chance at a White Christmas. Bought some mulled wine from the Co-op last night. Beginning to feel a bit festive. Yum!

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