December 8th, 2008 by zorfling

So on the 28th of November, we finally moved out of our old office and into our new office in Waterloo. Starting at 8.30am and working non stop til 9:30pm, myself and Matt managed to transplant our office from Victoria to Waterloo and set up our IT infrastructure ready (mostly) for the rest of the office on Monday morning.

From Life in London – December 2008

After a few teething issues with our network (it seems our D-Link DGS-1248T switch was too smart for us and sporadically had trouble talking to our servers – anyone else had this problem), we finally managed to get the office to a running state on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, I was called for a meeting with the Director and more or less told I was being made redundant. However, in a follow up meeting on Wednesday, I managed to prove my worth to the bottom line, and saved my neck from the chop. Heavy…

On Friday, to celebrate our first week in the new office, we went to a new local pub (The Mad Hatter in Southwark for those of you playing at home). The Mad Hatter is a Fullers Ale and Pie house and so we had the very British (or at least very Londoner) meal of Pie and Mash. I had the Steak and Ale pie with mashed potatoes and roast veggies. Very nice! All that was missing were the jellied eels, and I’m not sure I’d have eaten those anyway!

From Life in London – December 2008

Finally, it was a remarkably nice weekend (clear blue skies all day Saturday and Sunday), so Bibi and I went for a wander through Richmond Park all the way to Richmond and had another British (and Aussie for that matter) staple, the Sunday Roast, overlooking the Thames at Richmond. Beautiful! 

  From Life in London – December 2008


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