September 17th, 2005 by zorfling
View over Delphi to Gulf of Corinth

So onwards to Delpi. On the bus the jet lag hit a little and I slept for quite a lot of it, lucky Beth was there, otherwise I would have slept right through our stop!

Found a nice little hotel in Delphi to stay at and then after a quick shower, we headed out to grab some dinner! We had tzatziki, red wine and I had Moussaka! (gotta have something greek hey) It was really nice!

After dinner, headed back to our room and straight off to sleep! So tired, I slept like a log!

Woke up this morning to the most gorgeous view out over the mountains and the Gulf of Corinth.

Exploring Delphi Town

Really nice.

Headed down for breakfast of bread and jam and juice. Mmmmm.

Went out exploring this morning, wandered the town, and then probably going to see the ruins later this afternoon! (the oracle and all)

Plans at this stage are to stay in Delphi tonight, head up to Meteora and then across to the Igoumanitsa where we’ll get the ferry across to Italy! How very exciting!

— time passes —


So we headed out today to see the ruins. It was about a 15 minute walk down from our hostel along a ridge with more glorious views across to the Gulf of Corinth.

Amphitheatre overlooking the ruins

The ruins were really quite cool. These were my first real ruins since I’ve been over here. I’d glanced at the Parthenon in Athens through the rain and the smog, but we left pretty quickly after that so I missed it.

It felt quite surreal to be at the “Oracle of Delphi”. I felt almost like it’s wasn’t real. Like Athens and the Oracle are just mythical, mystical, far off places. (which from Australia they are!)

We wandered around the grounds of the ruins, seeing where the Oracle used to be, as well as the amphitheatre. We also headed into the museum there, to look at the recovered artifacts, however all the captions were in Greek! It was all Greek to me as they say! Nevertheless, it was awesome to see these artifacts on the same mountainside where they were discovered.

Afterwards we wandered back up to Delphi town and had some more tzatziki and wine and looked at some souvenirs in the local shops.

Tomorrow we’ll head off to Meteora to see the monasteries on top of stone columns. Sounds strange but cool!

Until next time…

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