August 22nd, 2008 by zorfling

Whilst mum and dad have been over here, we’ve been lucky enough to be housesitting for friends who live in Fulham in London. So here are some photos from the Fulham/Putney area.

First up is an ad for Bogan Bingo at The Slug pub in Fulham. The Slug has a good antipodean feel and for those that don’t know, bogan is Aussie slang for someone who’s a bit rough, dodgy, uneducated and lower class. It’s similar to a chav in the UK or white trash in the US. It’s also usually associated with the mullet hairstyle (long at the back) as it is in the photo.

Bogan Bingo!

And second, wandering the grounds of Fulham Palace with mum and dad, we found a gum tree!

Gum tree in England!

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