June 16th, 2008 by zorfling

Soooo.. after 4 posts I got lazy and forgot to post for a week..

And what a week it was.

Tuesday saw me down with conjunctivitis (which I might add, is still around and getting worse).

Wednesday I dragged myself out of bed and down to work, only to find our building on fire. It seems the big diesel generator that runs our air conditioning caught alight (not surprising after the number of overheats we’ve had of late) Seems it caught alight at about 8:50am, just in time for most of us to arrive to a smoking building. After a quick meeting in the nearby cafe, headed home to do what we could. Luckily, nothing was burnt (apart from the generator obviously) so back to work Thursday without delay.

Friday, I got my new phone! It’s a Nokia N82 and it’s fantastic! It’s got a 5mega pixel camera with real xenon flash and GPS!! So I’ve been playing with that quite a lot. Friday night we went out on the town and ended up in Shoreditch, and at 3am my trusty new phone cum GPS lead me home (via a kebab shop).

Excellent work!

Pictures to come…

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